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Ordering any writing or editing service is easy to do; how-ever, it involves making sure you supply us with all the information we need to complete your order.

Simply select the length of the writing or editing service you want from one of the drop down menus to the right. After purchasing the service, make sure to send us an email that specifies 1.) the deadline for your assignment; 2.) detailed instructions for what must be written or edited; 3.) any required links or sources that must be included; 4.) if applicable, the format in which the paper must be written (APA, MLA); 5.) any other important details that describe your order.

Make sure to send us the email describing your order here: xanderstone@rocketmail.com.

We will contact you by email to confirm your order and to discuss any elements of your order that need attention.

If you want to order writing or editing services of less than 3 pages / 750 words, or more than 12 pages / 3000 words, please contact us by email or phone to discuss your order.

Ordering Guidelines:

A page is defined as 250 words.

Writing services for papers, website content, or ghostwriting cost $25/page.

Editing services cost $10/page, (unless your order is exceedingly complex, in which case we'll contact you).

Rush orders, needed within 36 hours, cost 50% more than normal orders: $37.50/page for writing and $15/page for editing.

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