Xander Stone Ink 
Creative Writing & Editing 

The rate for writing  is $30 per page, or $0.10 per word.*

The hourly rate for all work is $30/hour.‚Äč


The rate for substantial editing is $0.04 per word, and for copy editing is $0.02 per word.

The rate for proofreading and re-writing is determined on a case by case basis.

Xander Stone Ink employs professional writers & editors of the same caliber as more well known companies that charge from $30 to $80 per page for  writing. You can pay a well known company steep rates for your writing and editing needs, or you can go with a direct service writer such as us who will not charge you an arm and a leg.The work you receive will likely be the same, but the cost you pay will not. We have a typical turn around time of about 3-5 days, which is comparatively very quick, but can also frequently process next day orders. Payment is preferably made through Pay Pal, (http://paypal.com) which is very easy and safe to use.

Email a description of your writing or editing needs to us at
xanderstone@rocketmail.com, or call us at 619-316-6568. We will respond promptly. 

*Writing projects involving large amounts of research, or which are otherwise exceedingly complex, may be charged a higher rate per page; however, this will be fully discussed upfront with the customer.
Rush Orders

Rush orders are those that need to be completed within 36 hours, and typically cost 50% more than normal orders. 

Otherwise, most orders cost the normal rates for both writing and editing.