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How Our Machine-Based Way of Life is Not Only Destroying Nature, It Is Also Destroying Us
​​​​​​​​Why Are We All Ignoring Our Loneliness?
                                                                           Is Violence in the Media a Reflection of Our Own Social Anxieties?

                                                                           Technology, Human Beings and the Fate of the Earth: A Social Critique Of Modern Life
                                                                           Culture of Lost Souls in Search of a Profit
                                                                           Violence as Entertainment

​​​​                                                                            Giving Back to the Earth: The First Bite
Christian Nation​

All Rationalist Doctrines Necessarily End In Nihilism



                                                         Human Being or Human Going

                                                                                I Was Spared

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                                               ​​          Salvatore's poem "At the Coffee Shop" appears in The Coffee Shop Chronicles
​​Salvatore Folisi is a writer and poet whose works have been published in Adbusters Magazine, Vision Magazine, Stone Path Review, Earthbound Review, and the online new sites Alternet, State of Nature, and Reality Sandwich. He is the author of Revolt Against the Madness, as well as four books of poetry and short stories. He is also a lyricist, composer, and musician.

​​In 2009, following a long-term love affair with writing and the written word, Salvatore started Xander Stone Ink to provide creative writing and editing support for aspiring authors and individuals, businesses, and collegiate students.  

​​Please contact Salvatore to discuss your project via email xanderstone@rocketmail.com or phone 619.316.6568. ​​