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Creative Writing & Editing
                                                                              Salvatore Folisi 
                                                                  Writer / Poet 
                                                      (Click on titles to read and purchase. All books available on Amazon.)


Eros Over Logos: Revolt Against the Madness of Modernity 
Carnival of the Wild: poems & stories 2007 - 2012​
For Love of a Dark Night​​
Walking the Streets in the Labyrinth of My Mind​​

​​Daimon: A Journey of Poems 
(2006, Lulu Publishing).

Articles / Essays:

Violence As Entertainment -- State of Nature, Winter 2012
Culture Of Lost Souls In Search Of A Profit -- State Of Nature, Summer 2009
Human Beings, Technology & The Fate Of The Earth -- State Of Nature, Autumn 2009

Articles / Essays (under the pen name Xander Stone): 

I Was Spared -- Vision Magazine, June 2010
Human Being Or Human Going? -- Reality Sandwich, October 2009
All Rationalist Doctrines Necessarily Lead To Nihilism -- Adbusters Magazine, July 2009.

Individual Poems:

At The Coffee Shop -- The Coffee Shop Chronicles (A Word with You Press, 2010)
Sitting in The Car at a Red Light on a Hot Day -- Venus in Scorpio Ezine (2010)

Salvatore edited the following:

Loan Officers Wanted by Arsalan Saadati​​
Internet Reputation Management​ by Guillermo "William" Rivas

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